Gourmet Ice Cream

Enjoy A Handcrafted Taste of Fall

Graeter’s Gourmet Cinnamon Ice Cream Is A Must-Try

There are a few tastes that go hand-in-hand with the turning of the leaves in fall: Apple cider, baked breads, and all things pumpkin & cinnamon. Our seasonal flavor Cinnamon ice cream is a must-try for autumn.

Here’s what makes it a truly special dessert: Our natural blend of Ohio milk and cream (no artificial growth hormones!), egg custard and 100% cane sugar, with our own proprietary cinnamon spice. This ice cream is a perfect treat to serve with a hot drink, warm pie or by itself on a crisp day.  

To get your hands (and taste buds) on our handcrafted Cinnamon ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!



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Those Mouthwatering Chocolate Chips…

We’ve had a number of giant chocolate chip sightings reported to our Facebook page lately. Some of these gourmet chocolate chips are huge! Have you ever had a chip as big as any of these? If so let us know!

Here are a few of our favorites:

A chocolate chip nearly as big as the bowl it sits in.
This giant chocolate chip from Boston takes up nearly the whole bowl and is the reason that Kate “[loves] Graeter’s more than all the other ice creams combined.”

Have you ever seen a chocolate chip this big?

Imagine trying to balance this massive chip on your ice cream cone. This delicious picture comes courtesy of our Hyde Park store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Another mouth watering chocolate chip.

Jen’s family in Georgia hit the chocolate jackpot when they bought their favorite hand crafted ice cream from Publix.

How would you like to see this hiding underneath the lid of your favorite handcrafted ice cream?

“Nothing better than pulling back the lid to your yummy Graeter’s ice cream and finding a huge chocolate chunk waiting for you! I love this stuff!” ~ Leslie in Tennessee.

Remember to stay cool this summer with your favorite irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local grocery store or buy from our online store.


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Newly Weds Celebrate With Gourmet Ice Cream

Just got married? Why not celebrate with a scoop of your favorite Graeter’s gourmet ice cream or share your first milkshake together? That’s what these two newly married couples thought. Both made a point of having there photographer take pictures of them at their local Graeter’s.

We’re so honored that they made Graeter’s part of one of the most important days of their lives.

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Graeter’s Does A Graet Harlem Shake

If you thought all we did at Graeter’s was serve our irresistible gourmet ice cream and amazing milkshakes you’d be wrong. Recently, one of our locations decided to do a “Graet” Harlem Shake video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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Behind Those Delicious Dark Chocolate Chips

The huge dark chocolate chips found in many Graeter's ice cream flavors are loved by expert chefs and foodies around the world. We regularly get pictures of giant chips on our Facebook page like these:

How excited would you be to see this in your ice cream cone? How would you go about attacking a chip this big in your ice cream? Have you ever seen a dark chocolate chip this big? Sadly some of our customers think that a dark chocolate chip this big is a mistake when they find it in their pint of gourmet ice cream.

Have you ever wondered where our famous dark chocolate chips come from?

As with all our ingredients, only those with the highest quality make it into our gourmet ice cream. When it comes to chocolate we use chocolate from the oldest milk chocolate maker in the world, Peter’s Chocolate.

Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in 1875, only five years after Graeter’s was founded! Today, Peter’s Chocolate is used not only in our dark chocolate chips but also in much of our chocolate gourmet candy.

To learn more about Peter’s Chocolate visit their website.

You can find Peter’s chocolate in any of our chocolate chip ice creams at either your neighborhood Graeter’s location or our online store for your next ice cream social!

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A Graeter’s Fan Raises High Praise For His Hometown Ice Cream

Recently, we heard from Robert in Atlanta on how he rediscovered his favorite gourmet ice cream from childhood, while on the road for a business trip. Our expansion efforts around the country sure are making Graeter's fans around the country quite happy. Hear his story in his own words below about how Robert found proof of Graeter's highest commitment to quality, and how a pint of Graeter's can weigh as much as an entire pound!

“True story: I grew up in Louisville, and Graeter's was just my hometown ice cream. It wasn't until I moved away, and then came back to Louisville and had Graeter's again after an extended period did I realize how FREAKING AMAZING your ice cream is.

Bittersweet though as my life had led and settled me in Atlanta. This meant Graeter's was my rarest of delicacies, only obtainable in Louisville or Cincinnati. Grrrr.

Then we found it on a work trip in Houston, Texas! PRAISE GOD!! Even purchased an entire box of plastic spoons just so we could sit in the car, in the parking lot of the Kroger and get the most awesome foodie fix of my life.

We then started ordering online. Brilliant! Then the glorious day came when you were available at a few local Kroger's, then MANY Kroger's!! Life is complete.

Which leads me to yesterday, shopping. I picked up a pint of toffee for me, and a pint of another brand for my partner. (Don't hate me. He likes those ice creams that taste like blueberry muffins and such.) Having both pints in my hands, I made a discovery.

I've told myself your slightly higher price meant just better quality. Here, in my hands I now have proof!! Your pint was WAY heavier in my hand; so much so that I stopped and compared both cartons to be sure they were both a pint. Indeed!!!

You keep doing what you're doing, don't change a thing and you have at least one guaranteed customer for the rest of his life.”


Find Graeter’s gourmet ice cream at a fine grocery store near you or if you can’t find Graeter’s where you live you can order online and send some pints today!

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Introducing Our Newest Gourmet Ice Cream Flavor…

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream

Pair our signature gourmet dark chocolate chips with juicy, sweet dark cherries from the Pacific Northwest in naturally flavored cherry ice cream and what do you get? The delicious and luxurious flavor of our Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

If you’re a fan of cherries and chocolate then this is sure to become your newest Graeter’s favorite.

You can find Black Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

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Cherry Chocolate Chip is Here!

It’s what gourmet ice cream fans have been waiting to hear. Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

Cherry Chocolate Chip features juicy maraschino cherries in our delicious cherry ice cream with chunks of our famous dark chocolate.

Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

You can find Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

Hear what some Graeter’s fans have to say about it already!

“The greatest Graeter's ice cream flavor! Mint chocolate chip comes in second!” – Tom

“This is my all-time favorite flavor you offer. I am sad when it goes away each year. Yum!” – Keri

“Yum! All my favorites in one place.” - Traci

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Ice Cream Stories – Fanbassador Celebrate The Holidays In Style

Over the holiday season we had a number of fanbassadors finish out 2012 with one more ice cream social party. As always we appreciate our many fanbassadors spreading the word about Graeter’s gourmet ice cream across the nation. Here’s a couple of pictures fanbassadors hard at work:

An Oregon Fanbassador getting ready.

“Life doesn’t get any sweeter!”

Fanabassador spreading the word about Graeter's gourmet ice cream in Oregon.

Fanbassador hard at work “spreading the word in Oregon!”

One Graeter's Fanbassador part participant who really enjoys her gourmet ice cream.

One participant at a Fanbassador party in California who really enjoyed her bowl of Graeter’s ice cream.

What's better than friends and Graeter's gourmet ice cream?

A Fanbassador in Arizona sharing her perfect combination Chocolate Mocha Chip, Black Raspberry Chip Graeter’s ice cream and friends!

Have pictures or stories of your own good times with Graeter’s Ice Cream? Share it with us!

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Ice Cream Stories - Graeter’s Fans Speak Out Over the Holidays

Tell Us Your Thoughts About Graeter's!

We love seeing comments and reviews from our fans, so we were thrilled to find that so many of you posted reviews about your experience with Graeter’s over the holidays that we just had to share a few.

“Graeter's is always a special treat for our family when visiting the Cincinnati area. It is known by friends in Arlington, VA. Love their chocolate chip of all varieties!”

“Of course I love the ice cream but they have great pastries also. I think their smiley cookies are far superior to the other large bakery in town. Nice Danishes and really good cakes. They pretty much have the sweet tooth angle covered here.”

“Everything about Graeter's first-rate...their ice cream flavors, their chocolate chip size, their pastries, their customer service and the overall Graeter's vibe.”

Let us know about your Graeter’s experience. So whether it's with our fresh baked goods, old fashioned ice cream or gourmet candy post your thoughts on your blog, at travel review sites or our Facebook page! Who knows? You could be featured in one of our next posts!

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Graeter's Cinnamon is Back!

Graeter’s Cinnamon is Back!

Graeter’s Cinnamon Ice Cream is back for the Fall season! This rich, spicy gourmet ice cream is flavored with a special blend of Saigon Cinnamon. Pick up this flavor in a retailer near you, or ship it to someone with a sweet tooth! Check out our seasonal flavors calendar to see when your favorite flavor will return!

Don't forget to order your Pumpkin Ice Cream and Cinnamon in time for Thanksgiving!

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Ice Cream Stories- Ice Cream Fan Weighs in on Local Favorites

We love to hear what our fans are saying so when we come across a comment like this, we just have to share!

Tripadvisor contributor Jfc073 recently wrote a review on native Ohio ice creams:

“As an independent third party who is not from the state of Ohio, I can say without hesitation that both Jeni's and Graeter's are good, but Graeter's ice cream simply has more flavor and a more traditional ice cream shop appeal. Graeter's has a taste that surpasses every ice cream and gelato I have tasted.”

Thanks, Jfc073, and thanks to all of our fans who help to spread the word where you live! We’re so glad you love Graeter’s ice cream and gourmet desserts as much as we do.


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Looking for Graeter's in a store near you?

Thank you to our fan Amy who reached out to us wondering where she can find Graeter's. We are always happy to help!

I live in Connecticut and it's not stocked in my Stop & Shops around here. What stores are selling Graeter's in my area?


Hey Amy!

Thanks for your question! Graeter’s gourmet ice cream continues to grow and can be found in grocery stores around the country. Visit our website to find a store near you! You can also purchase Graeter’s online and have it shipped directly to your door!

Please stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for the latest announcements and help us spread the word!

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Another Serious Graeter's Fan!

It’s no secret that Graeter’s Ice Cream has some diehard fans. Maria, a Cincinnati native, is no exception:

“I grew up in Cincinnati, and every time we had something to celebrate (music recital, basketball game, swim meet, first communion, etc) we headed to Graeter's. We introduced all our out-of-town relatives to the ice cream, and it quickly became a must-visit.

I went to UC for college, which meant I became very familiar with the Clifton scoop shop. At some point one of my friends and I wandered into Graeter's and he asked me what I recommended. As I began to rattle off my favorite flavors (and there are many) he asked, "What about the Peanut Butter Chip?"

"Oh, it's good but it has milk chocolate, not dark chocolate chips, so I don't get it very often."

At this point the girl behind the counter turned to me and asked, "Did you work here once?"

My friend and I had a good laugh (as the answer to the question was no, just well over 15 years of tasting experience) and enjoyed our ice cream, as I do to this day”

Thanks for your kind words, Maria! We are happy to hear you conitnue to visit our ice cream shops for a scoop of our gourmet ice cream!

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July is National Ice Cream Month!

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? It’s true! A whole month dedicated to this delicious treat!

President Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month in 1984, stating that ice cream was “fun and nutritious and enjoyed by 90% of the population.” Whatever you say, Mr. President! He proclaimed that there should be a celebration of this delicious treat on the third Sunday in July. Nearly 30 years later, we still celebrate our favorite dessert.

Maybe you were already celebrating National Ice Cream Month, but are you celebrating your favorite flavor day?

July 7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
July 15th  National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
July 17th National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 20th National Ice Cream Day
July 23rd National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 25th National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

You have plenty more days to celebrate National Ice Cream Month! Come celebrate with Graeter’s gourmet ice cream!




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Graeter's: A Reason to Visit Cincinnati!

Looking for a reason to visit Cincinnati? How about the best frozen dessert you'll ever taste!

Graeter's is very excited to be described as "the best ice cream around" in a recent USA Today article, The Pop Traveler: 10 reasons to visit Cincinnati! Lots of people know that Graeter's is a staple in the Cincinnati Food world, but we love national recognition because it helps the brand and our beautiful city grow!

"When people hear "Cincinnati," they often think of baseball, chili and the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. While those are important parts of the town and its history, there is so much more to see and do. It's hard to narrow it down to just 10, but here are some things to check out if you come through town...

More food -- Yes, we are known for our chili, and if you come to town, you have to at least try Skyline, Gold Star or Price Hill Chili. And you should check out Graeter's, the best ice cream around. But branch out and try places like Sugar N' Spice, an institution for more than 70 years, for an outstanding diner breakfast; Melt for delicious vegetarian and meat lunch options; Tom + Chee for every kind of grilled cheese you could ever want; and Dewey's for gourmet pizza. True foodies can try the Dinner Club at Nectar, an entire dinner focused on a local, seasonal ingredient such as bread or chocolate."

Read all 10 reasons to visit Cincinnati here.

Remember, you don't have to make the trip to Cincinnati to try Graeter's! Find Graeter's in a store near you or you can buy ice cream online for the perfect last minute gift!

Try Graeter's Small Batch, Old Fashioned Ice Cream at your next ice cream social.

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What says "Be Mine" and "I Love You" in a Variety of Flavors?

Food gifts are very popular for Valentine's Day and what better food to send your sweetheart than ice cream and candy! So this year, when you care enough to give the very best, whether your sweetheart is across the country or down the street, let Graeter's help you melt their heart. Choose from a wide assortment of the world's most irresistible ice cream, including our popular Limited Edition Flavor Cherry Chocolate Chip. Your Valentine will love our gourmet ice cream!

Cherry Chocolate Chip- Natural Cherry flavored ice cream is blended with sweet maraschino cherries and our delectable dark chocolate chips.

Cherry Chocolate Chip

Or send the creamiest, fruitiest and nuttiest chocolates and confections - all hand made in small batches with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. A tempting selection of handmade chocolates in both milk and dark varieties; enough for the most deserving chocolate lover. Say "Be mine" and "I love you" this year – send Graeter's.

Send your Valentine Graeter's!

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Sherryn Daniel's Blog- Ice Cream Social

Sherryn Daniel is an experienced online writer who enjoys sharing her passion for traveling and delicious food in her blog, Sherryn Daniel’s Blog.

We first came accross Sherryn's blog after she held an ice cream social and shared her love for Graeter's with some friends. Check out the following blog post to read about her event from last April.

Sherynn Daniel

A few weeks back, I wanted to celebrate the start of spring by throwing an adequate sized ice cream social.  Since I only wanted to invite friends who were professionals in the D.C/ MD/ VA area, I only wanted to serve them the best ice cream I could possibly find. I nixed the idea of driving to any grocery store since no grocers in the area serves tasty, gourmet ice cream.

So, I decided to order a few pints of Graeters (and I accidentally got everyone .. Click here to read more.


To read more about Sherrynn visit her blog at http://sherryndaniel.wordpress.com/

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Graeter’s French Pot Ice Cream Hits 2011 Fabulous Food Show

Graeter’s French Pot Ice Cream Hits 2011 Fabulous Food Show

Graeter’s old-fashioned ice cream will make a splash this year at the Midwest’s premier food event, the Fabulous Food Show, November 11-13 at the I-X Center in Cleveland.  As the exclusive Green Room sponsor of the show, we’ll be serving up our famous Sundaes to celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Guy Fieri and renowned dessert expert, Duff Goldman, from Ace of Cakes on Food Network. Our fans in Cleveland are invited to stop by the Graeter’s booth (#723) for a sample of the world’s best ice cream! For tickets, visit www.fabulousfoodshow.com

Don't wait, get your tickets now for this fun event! Hope to see you there! Become a fan of the Fabulous Food Show on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fabulousfoodshow

Stay tuned to our new blog to hear about all things Graeter's. You can also buy ice cream online and have it shipped to your door! Graeter's Ice Cream is the perfect holiday gift idea for any occasion, visit our online store. You can also visit our online gourmet candy store!

Greater's- Best Ice Cream at Fabulous Food Show

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Graeter's Ice Cream Returning to Lexington!

Graeter's Ice Cream and gourmet desserts are coming back to Lexington!It's official! Graeter's is returning to Lexington! The first new retail location will open in the Chevy Chase Plaza off Euclid Avenue as early as mid-February. Today an article was featured on Kentucky.com, written by Scott Sloan. Graeter's fans in the area are buzzing!

Below are some excerpts, you can read the full article here.


"We are ecstatic to be back in Lexington," said Richard Graeter, CEO of the family owned and operated regional chain that is based in Cincinnati.

"We're excited to have them back in the market," Bret Caller, a partner in Caller Properties, which owns Chevy Chase Plaza, said of Graeter's. Caller said his company also was negotiating with McAlister's Deli, which is "looking for multiple locations in the market," to open a restaurant on the first floor.


For the new store, Graeter turned to franchisee Jim Tedesco, who operates several Graeter's stores in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Tedesco said he made numerous trips to Lexington before settling on the Chevy Chase location.

"It just felt right," he said, noting the deal came together in just a month after he first viewed the space. "It's a good neighborhood and a heavy walking area.


At 2,044 square feet, the new store will be somewhat larger than the old Lexington locations, which typically were 1,400 to 1,500 square feet, Tedesco said.

It also will have a new look for Lexington, as Tedesco intends to make the store far more appealing inside than some of the previous ones were.

"This store is going to be like no other Graeter's that they're used to seeing," he said of Lexington patrons. "It's going to be a first-class store.

"It's a premium spot, we have a premium product and we're going to build it up to be a premium location."


"My opinion is we're unique," Tedesco said. "There's a special market for hand-dipped, quality ice cream.


Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2011/10/06/1909848/graeters-returning-to-lexington.html


About Graeter’s: Graeter’s ice cream is a renowned brand made in Cincinnati, OH, with national prestige that still faithfully uses century-old recipes and methods of production. Graeter’s has perfected the traditional French Pot process, making the world’s finest ice cream just two gallons at a time. The secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard spun in a French Pot freezer creates an extremely dense and creamy consistency. Liquid bittersweet chocolate is poured in just as the ice cream is finishing, creating Graeter’s signature chocolate chips. Graeter’s has 31 corporately owned retail stores and Fans outside of this area can purchase gourmet chocolates, gourmet dessert and ice cream online at http://www.graeters.com/send.aspx.  Graeter’s can also be found in more than 4,000 grocery stores in 41 states. Visit www.graeters.com for more information.

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