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Join Us In Congratulating Richard Graeter

Join Us In Congratulating Richard Graeter

Recently, Richard Graeter’s was chosen as EY Regional Entreprenuer of the Year Award Winner! He’s now entered in the National Entrepreneur of the Year competition!

About EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The unique award makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. As the first and only truly global award of its kind, Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses, recognizing them through regional, national and global awards programs in more than 145 cities in more than 60 countries.


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Treat Yourself To Something Delicious This Summer

Enjoy something delicious with one of our tasty cakes this summer. You could enjoy the combination of angel food cake and strawberries in our Strawberry Iced Angel Food Cake available now on Saturdays at your neighborhood Graeter's store

Or you could try one of our Orange Chiffon Cakes every Tuesday and Friday through the summer. These delicious cakes feature a moist orange flavored sponge cake iced with a rich orange infused buttercream icing and are available at your neighborhood Graeter's store.

But don’t forget about our moist and tender yeast coffee cake dough loaded with delicious sweet strawberries and butter streusel topping, Strawberry Streusel Coffee Cakes are available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at your neighborhood Graeter's store.

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Enjoy Ice Cream Without Guilt With Our Less Indulgent Flavors

Try a scoop of our A Little Less Indulgent Ice Cream. It contains 50% less sugar and roughly 25% less fat and 25% fewer calories, however, it’s still made by hand in 2½ -gallon French pots, one batch at a time. As always we use only the finest ingredients because even if it is with a touch of temperance, everyone deserves to indulge now and then. Try our Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean flavors.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted Less Indulgent ice cream flavor, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Enjoy Amazingly Irresistible Gelatos From Graeter’s


Try the most authentically made gelato in North America, Graeter’s Gelato. Like all Graeter’s Ice Cream, Graeter’s Gelato is made by hand one 2 ½-gallon batch at a time. All done in a slowly spinning chilled pot, which, just like the vintage gelato-making machines of Italy. These spinning pots produces a gelato filled with flavor – not air. As always, we use nothing but quality, natural ingredients, like our unearthly truffles, sourced from a family-run confectioner.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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5 Delicious Ways to Cool Down This Summer with Graeter’s

We know it isn’t technically summer yet, but it is heating up! So, make sure you know all about what Graeter’s has to offer to help you cool down this summer.  

  1. Famous Ice Cream Flavors

We are known for our famous flavors, so of course it is the first on our list. We hand-select only the finest ingredients for our ice cream.

Classic Flavors: Original Salted Caramel, Oregon Field Strawberry, Coffee, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Elena’s Blueberry Pie, and Cookies ‘N Cream.

Signature Chip Flavors: Black Raspberry Chip, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Toffee Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut Almond Chip, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Buckeye Blitz.


  1. Sorbet

Looking for something cold, fruity, and juicy? Then our sorbet is for you. We carry 3 popular flavors, each one refreshing enough to handle on the hottest of days.

Sorbet Flavors: Rasberry, Mango, and Lemon.


  1. Gelato

Cool off the Italian way with our Handcrafted Gelato. Like all of our ice cream, our Gelato is made by hand one 2 1/2 – gallon batch at a time and just like the vintage gelato-making machines of Italy, we use a slowly spinning chilled pot. Each flavors features heaven-on-Earth truffles!

Gelato Flavors: Caramel Truffle, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Truffle, and Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffles.


  1. A little Less Indulgent Ice Cream

Sometimes you want to enjoy some cold ice cream on a hot day, but you want to leave some of the sugar and fat behind. That’s why we created our A Little Less Indulgent Ice Cream. Made with 50% less sugar and roughly 25% less fat and 25% less calories!

A little Less Indulgent Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean.


  1. Sundae Service

Our last suggestion to cool down doesn’t even require you to leave the AC this summer. Our Sundae Service is a wonderful way to dish out our irresistible ice cream at your home or office. Visit  for more information.



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Graeter’s Gelato Flavor Scores Big With The Ice Cream Informant

Our new handcrafted gelato flavors are getting rave reviews! Recently, Bob of the Ice Cream Informant reviewed our Caramel Truffle Gelato and gave it an “A” rating in his post.

Bob wrote that the overall taste for the base “is very unique and very good for a gelato” with an “overall richness/creaminess [that] shines for a caramel flavor”. What probably put him over the top though was the truffles. “The truffles are as expected; absolutely divine in taste, melt in your mouth, and are packed with a great chocolate taste. If you know Graeter's, they do not short change you when it comes to mix-ins or the size of the mix-ins. The truffles are complete truffles, not shavings or halved truffles, but nearly you are getting one or two truffles in every single spoonful you take from the pint.”

Read more in his post here.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!


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Experience A Childhood Favorite With This Handcrafted Seasonal Flavor

Cool off from the warming temperatures this spring with the taste of our seasonal flavor - Orange and Cream. This nostalgic flavor features an all-natural orange puree with a fresh, creamy citrus flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite orange creamsicle.

To get your hands on your own pint of Orange & Cream ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Returns For The Spring

Enjoy a taste of Spring with Graeter’s handcrafted Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream. This delicious ice cream flavor features rich, creamy strawberry ice cream along with hand-selected Oregon Totem Strawberries, plus our famous strawberry-sized dark chocolate chips. Try a scoop or pint of your own today and enjoy pure bliss.

To get your hands on your own pint of Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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A Successful Cones For The Cure

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $52,000 for The Cure Starts Now to fund cancer research - we have the best fans in the world!!

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See how it's made.

Our labor process insures that each bite of Graeter's ice cream will be the best you'll ever taste!

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It's Time For Pumpkin Ice Cream

What's your favorite thing about September? We love this time of year, especially becuase it means our Limited Edition Pumpkin ice cream is available!

Enjoy the cozy, comforting creamy-rich flavor of pumpkin pie -in an ice cream. Made with real pumpkin filling, this flavor's flavor is as vibrant as autumn itself!

Get Pumpkin (and any other flavor you love) delivered right to your door!

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French Toast and Ice Cream?

Check out what our friends at RARE Bar & Grill and Rare View Rooftops in NYC did - they are serving our Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Elena's Blueberry Pie, Vanilla and Chocolate ice creams between two warm, deep fried French Toast Buns!


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What's your favorite thing about Summer?

What's your favorite thing about Summer? We enjoy Summer ice cream flavors!

Try our newest Summer Pack! It includes:

  • Summer Peach
  • Black Cherry Chip
  • Salted Caramel
  • Coconut Chip
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Raspberry Sorbet


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America's Best Ice Cream Spots According to U.S. News Travel!

Did you know Graeter's was named one of America's Best Ice Cream spots according to a list complied by U.S. News Travel?

"On a warm summer day, nothing's more enticing than a creamy scoop of America's most delectable frozen treat. Whether they are artisan creations or from a homemade batch, these tantalizing swirls delight sweet-toothed enthusiasts of all ages. And as the warm air wafts through our windows, we can almost taste the melted deliciousness dripping from a sugary waffle cone…

That brings us to another subject. Few topics are as controversial among dessert-lovers as ice cream. Taking parlor reputation, flavor diversity, and online reviews into consideration, U.S. News Travel has compiled a list of America's best ice cream spots to indulge in this summertime delight."

To Read the full list of ice cream brands click here.

Find Graeter's in a store near you or order online!





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Graeter's: A Reason to Visit Cincinnati!

Looking for a reason to visit Cincinnati? How about the best frozen dessert you'll ever taste!

Graeter's is very excited to be described as "the best ice cream around" in a recent USA Today article, The Pop Traveler: 10 reasons to visit Cincinnati! Lots of people know that Graeter's is a staple in the Cincinnati Food world, but we love national recognition because it helps the brand and our beautiful city grow!

"When people hear "Cincinnati," they often think of baseball, chili and the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. While those are important parts of the town and its history, there is so much more to see and do. It's hard to narrow it down to just 10, but here are some things to check out if you come through town...

More food -- Yes, we are known for our chili, and if you come to town, you have to at least try Skyline, Gold Star or Price Hill Chili. And you should check out Graeter's, the best ice cream around. But branch out and try places like Sugar N' Spice, an institution for more than 70 years, for an outstanding diner breakfast; Melt for delicious vegetarian and meat lunch options; Tom + Chee for every kind of grilled cheese you could ever want; and Dewey's for gourmet pizza. True foodies can try the Dinner Club at Nectar, an entire dinner focused on a local, seasonal ingredient such as bread or chocolate."

Read all 10 reasons to visit Cincinnati here.

Remember, you don't have to make the trip to Cincinnati to try Graeter's! Find Graeter's in a store near you or you can buy ice cream online for the perfect last minute gift!

Try Graeter's Small Batch, Old Fashioned Ice Cream at your next ice cream social.

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Summertime is here- enjoy Summer Peach!

Enjoy the summer heat with a pint of Peach Ice Cream!

We use only the best ice cream ingredients and our Summer Peach is no exception! We hand select only the juiciest peaches from a premier grower in Northern Virginia, hand-prepared and processed the Graeter's Ice Cream way.

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Looking for a reason to smile today?

Looking for a reason to smile today? How about some Graeter's Ice Cream!

Do you have any fun Graeter's pictures to share? How about a story about the first time you tried Graeter's or introduced it to a friend? Share your story with us!

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Cincinnati's Frozen Gem: Graeter's Ice Cream

Thank you to blogger Amanda Appiarius for sharing her wonderful post about Graeter's. Amanda just recently move from Cincinnati to San Francisco and misses her favorite frozen treat in Cincinnati. Take a moment and read the delightful article about Graeter's French Pot Process and what Amanda calls, "The Pint Experience"

Buttery Affair

Cincinnati's Frozen Gem: Graeter's Ice Cream

Ice Cream the old fashioned way.
Glorious chunks of chocolate hidden in folds of creamy ecstasy.
A heavy texture that will dominate all other ice creams you have ever loved.

This is Graeter’s : Homebase : Cincinnati.

Graeter’s makes their uniquely magnificent ice cream via the French Pot process – 2 measly yet powerfully seductive gallons at a time. Their recipe is fresh cream and egg swirled in a French Pot Freezer. This is where the thickening happens (and oh boy, Greater’s is thick, dense, untouchably perfect). A blade scrapes the freezing cream from the sides of the pot, letting the ice cream layer onto itself, one preciously smooth fold after another. This locks out all of that unwanted air,compacting the rich denseness. Their pint weighs in at about a pound. Um…yea so I guess that means I’ve eaten a pound of ice cream in one sitting once before…a couple times, a few times…whatever. Details are not important here – the point is – uh. Yum. Anyway after this scraping business they add the chunks. of chocolate. Graeter’s pours their own liquid chocolate into the spinning pot at the very end of the process. They then break the chocolate into the Chips. Chips of beautifully grotesque massiveness. Chips of perfect melt on your tongue tininess. This velvety result with its mammoth gems is hand-packed into those nearly 1lb pints. Pints that simply do not exist in the city of San Francisco. Grr.

Let me just walk you through the Graeter’s Pint Experience.
You peel off the lid to find a sleek finish of tightly packed ice cream. You skim off the smooth top, slowly cutting the thick, cold treat with the edge of your spoon. It curls off easily into fat, melty pieces that you let linger on your tongue. Occasionally you’ll hit a chip, suck on it, bite it and let the rich chocolate contrast the flavor of the ice cream. The creaminess calms your throat, your mind, your soul as you dig deeper. The longer the pint is in your hand, the more it starts to melt and the better it gets. You dig around the sides of the pint, picking up the melted milkiness and mixing it with the soft ice cream for perfect soothing bites. The flavor never dies, the ice cream continues to soften and mix with the melted edges until suddenly, after this big chip here, the small one there, the delicious creamy bite here and the last silky bite there…it’s gone? Scrape scrape. No more? Scrape the remaining meltiness. All gone. Oh no, did I just ate a pint? Guess my Daddy taught me well!

Lucky for Amanda, Graeter's continues to grow and may be on it's way to San Francisco! Stay tuned... Looking for Graeter's where you live? Visit our website to search for a store near you!




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Check Out The Size Of These Chips!

What's your reaction when you sit down with a pint of Graeter's and find one of our HUGE signature chocolate chips? Our fans love our chocolate chips- and you can see why!

We create these unique chips by pouring our own specially prepared liquid chocolate into the French Pot just as the ice cream is finishing. A paddle is then used to break up the frozen layer into the randomly sized chunks of chocolate. That is what makes Graeter's the best ice cream around!



For even more HUGE chocolate chip photos visit us on Facebook !




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Why Graeter's Ice Cream is the Best Ice Cream you'll Ever Taste!

Join the 4th generation of the Graeter family to learn more about the passion that makes Graeter's the best ice cream you'll ever taste.

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