Graeter's Ice Cream

My Delightfully Unexpected, Albeit Yummy, Discovery

As a flight attendant, I travel for work quite a bit, and like to sample the local fare during my travels.  My first time in Louisville, a local suggested I had to try their fabulous locally-made ice cream at an innocuous looking shoppe located right next to our hotel.

As a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, I was skeptical about how good it could possibly be.  Yet, after my first bite of peanut butter buckeye blitz, I was hooked.  I proceeded to recommend Graeter's to every co-worker of mine I knew who was spending the night in Louisville. 

I was so enamoured with Graeter's that when I was stumped about what to get my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary, I was struck by a dairy-licious idea.  I paid the rather pricey shipping costs to have 8 pints shipped to Mom and Dad direct from Graeter's, or Ice Cream Heaven as I prefer to call it.  Even after the long journey from Ohio, the ice cream was as yummy as ever and Graeter's now has two more NJ fans!
-- Michelle Minster

My daughter, Michelle introduced us to Graeter's. As she has been traveling the country as a flight attendant for the past few years, she has gotten to try the best of everything this country has to offer.

Here in NJ, we have some good ice cream, but had never heard of Graeter's. One day Michelle called and told us she just had the best ice cream EVER. As ice cream is our favorite thing to eat, we, too, were anxious to try this product. Then, surprisingly, some arrived on our doorstep. Michelle had some sent to us for an anniversary present. What a treat! We especially loved the Buckeye Blitz and couldn't believe the amount of pieces (Chocolate, peanut butter cookie) it contained.

Thank you Michelle, for introducing us, and thank you Graeter's for making it. 
 -- Marlene Minster

Graeter's Ice Cream Lovers can find our pints and half-gallons at an ever expanding number of grocers nationwide. You can find Graeter's at a store near you or if you are really lucky, a Graeter's Ice Cream retail store.

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Graeter's Chocolate Ice Cream

It’s summer time! What better way to beat the heat than to enjoy a pint or cone of Graeter’s Chocolate Ice Cream?
Graeter's Chocolate Ice Cream
Our super-premium Chocolate Ice Cream uses all natural ingredients and is made from scratch in our kitchens. We use our own blend of premium dutched cocoas in this timeless classic, but that’s all we’re going to say! The recipe for this frozen dessert has been a family secret for four generations.

Our Chocolate Ice Cream is the base in many Graeter’s favorites, including Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip and Buckeye Blitz. These three flavors include unique chocolate chips that we’ve become famous for over the years—a premium dark chocolate that’s poured right into our ice cream and broken up once it hardens.

These flavors are the perfect gift idea for any true chocolate lover. Click here to purchase Graeter’s Ice Cream online, or learn how to send virtual gift cards!

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