Graeter's Ice Cream

Ice Cream Informant Reader Recommends Graeter's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Flavor

Handcrafted Ice Cream and Mix-Ins Gets High Marks From Reviewer

Irresistible Handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Full Of Chocolate Chunks And Cookie Dough


We always enjoy hearing what reviewers have to say about our handcrafted ice cream and recently a reader from one of our favorite review sites, The Ice Cream Informant, reviewed our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip.

The reviewer (Bob) writes about our delicious French Pot vanilla ice cream base, but focuses on what he loves most: the delicious mix-ins that we add to our ice cream, like our famous dark chocolate chips. Bob says our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip “does nothing but deliver,” and we think he’s right.

His overall impression of this flavor is so high, he gives us his own “A” rating. “It tastes like you wrapped some fresh cookie dough right into a small circle and threw it right into the fold. From top to bottom, you are getting mix-in heaven.” Thanks Bob! Read the rest of his review here.

To get your own pint of our handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip ice cream flavor stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store


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A Successful Cones For The Cure

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $52,000 for The Cure Starts Now to fund cancer research - we have the best fans in the world!!

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See how it's made.

Our labor process insures that each bite of Graeter's ice cream will be the best you'll ever taste!

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It's Time For Pumpkin Ice Cream

What's your favorite thing about September? We love this time of year, especially becuase it means our Limited Edition Pumpkin ice cream is available!

Enjoy the cozy, comforting creamy-rich flavor of pumpkin pie -in an ice cream. Made with real pumpkin filling, this flavor's flavor is as vibrant as autumn itself!

Get Pumpkin (and any other flavor you love) delivered right to your door!

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French Toast and Ice Cream?

Check out what our friends at RARE Bar & Grill and Rare View Rooftops in NYC did - they are serving our Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Elena's Blueberry Pie, Vanilla and Chocolate ice creams between two warm, deep fried French Toast Buns!


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Peanut Butter Pack Now Available!

We have yet another irresistible pack of flavors available, and you can have them shipped right to your door!

The Peanut Butter Pack includes:

  • Peanut Butter Brownie
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzal
  • Buckeye Blitz
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Jazzberry Cinnamon Crunch
  • Watermelon Sorbet

Visit our website to try this pack or any of our other flavor combinations!


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We pack every ice cream pint by hand

Ever wonder who makes your favorite irresistible handcrafted ice cream? Meet Bud, one of our longest tenured ice cream artisans. He has been handcrafting irresistible ice cream for over 20 years!



To get your own pint of our handcrafted ice cream stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store
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Try These Brand New Flavors For A Limited Time!

Try our brand new flavors: Salted Caramel Truffle Cup, Peanut Butter Pretzel, Aztec Chocolate and Jazzberry Cinnamon Crunch! We only made a small amount so hurry, while supplies last! Not available in-store or individually - only sold as an online pack.


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What are fans are doing

We love to hear from our fans, espsecially when they show their love for Graeter's in a new and unique way. Recently, we had a fan share a quilt they made all about Graeter's. We LOVE IT!

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Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Dubbed “Summer In A Pint.”

An Irresistible Scoop Of Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Our Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream is still getting rave reviews from across the states. Recently our first new flavor in three years was reviewed by the Boca Raton Observer Magazine in Boca Raton, FL. According to their reviewers,

“this stuff is like summer in a pint container. The all-natural dessert is made with heavy cream and pure cane sugar, which is churned in a French pot two gallons at a time before being loaded with fresh black cherries and the brand’s signature dark-chocolate chunks.”

Even their resident Black Cherry lover approved of Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip handcrafted ice cream saying, “The balance of flavors was perfect. The Black Cherry was dominant, while the chocolate was a great partner.”

They loved the ice cream so much that on a scale of 1 to 10 they gave it a 11.

Looking for your way to cool off this summer? Then look for our irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local grocery store or buy from our online store.

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Huffington Post Declares Graeter’s Summer Peach A Top Summer Ice Cream Flavor

Summer Peach, An Irresistible Way To Start Off The Summer

Recently, the Huffington Post reviewed 45 different flavors of ice cream to find their top 10 picks for this summer. Not surprisingly our irresistible Summer Peach made it on the list.

“Tastes like real peaches, not peach-flavoring. The texture is perfectly creamy. Tastes like summer." "So summery. And spot on peach flavor. Amazing!" "The most realistic peach ice cream I've ever had."
To get your own pint of our handcrafted Summer peach ice cream flavor stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store.

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What's your favorite thing about Summer?

What's your favorite thing about Summer? We enjoy Summer ice cream flavors!

Try our newest Summer Pack! It includes:

  • Summer Peach
  • Black Cherry Chip
  • Salted Caramel
  • Coconut Chip
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Raspberry Sorbet


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Those Mouthwatering Chocolate Chips…

We’ve had a number of giant chocolate chip sightings reported to our Facebook page lately. Some of these gourmet chocolate chips are huge! Have you ever had a chip as big as any of these? If so let us know!

Here are a few of our favorites:

A chocolate chip nearly as big as the bowl it sits in.
This giant chocolate chip from Boston takes up nearly the whole bowl and is the reason that Kate “[loves] Graeter’s more than all the other ice creams combined.”

Have you ever seen a chocolate chip this big?

Imagine trying to balance this massive chip on your ice cream cone. This delicious picture comes courtesy of our Hyde Park store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Another mouth watering chocolate chip.

Jen’s family in Georgia hit the chocolate jackpot when they bought their favorite hand crafted ice cream from Publix.

How would you like to see this hiding underneath the lid of your favorite handcrafted ice cream?

“Nothing better than pulling back the lid to your yummy Graeter’s ice cream and finding a huge chocolate chunk waiting for you! I love this stuff!” ~ Leslie in Tennessee.

Remember to stay cool this summer with your favorite irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local grocery store or buy from our online store.


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Give Mom What She Really Wants

Show Mom how much you care with Graeter's Mother's Day Pack!

With irresistible flavors like The Original Salted Caramel, Orange & Cream and Strawberry Chocolate Chip, this is the perfect gift for all of the mothers in your life.

Mother's Day is May 12th so be sure to warm her heart with her favorite ice cream!

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Rich Graeter Makes An Appearance On The Weekly Special

Not that long ago Graeter’s was featured on the Weekly Special. The Weekly Special is “an eclectic, cultural affairs program that explores the events, people, and places of interest that shape Indiana. From visiting unique travel destinations to profiling the rich artistic community in Indiana, The Weekly Special aims to connect Hoosiers to the stories that often go unnoticed.”

Check out the video below:



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Ice Cream Stories – Ice Cream Fans Review Their Experiences With Graeter’s Ice Cream

Let us know about your experience with Graeter's Handcrafted Ice Cream.

Recently we had a number of fans and first time visitors comment on their experience with Graeter’s. We loved these reviews so much we just had to share them!

Best Ice Cream EVER!

I am a Cincinnati native and if you travel to Cincinnati and don't eat at Grater's you are missing the whole Cincinnati experience! They have the creamiest, most delicious ice cream ever. It is quite expensive, but it worth every spoonful. The best flavors are strawberry and of course, black raspberry chip!  ~BeatlesFan33

Best Ice Cream known to Man

We finally have a Graeter's in Lexington and it did not disappoint. My wife luvs the chocolate chocolate chip and I cannot resist the mocha chocolate chip. A cone with 2 scoops runs about $5, but you get some of the best Ice Cream around. ~BartBLexington

As good as ice cream gets!

Wife and I stopped by here on a rec during our day trip in Cincy. Al I can say is MAKE TIME TO GO HERE!

Wife had Toffee Chip and I had the black raspberry chip. Both were chock full of delicious huge chips and awesome sweet, but not overly sweet ice cream. 

An absolute must while in Cincy. ~ BCMike22

Wins my approval!

My first experience at Graeter's, Graeter's I loved it! I tried the cookie dough chip - just how cookie dough ice cream should be. The Buckeye Blitz - which had the best chunks of chocolate and scrumptious peanut butter in chocolate ice cream. Also I sampled the Black Cherry Chip, which had so much flavor and was so refreshing.

Great value and definitely worth a visit ~ Sarah M

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2013 Mystery Ice Cream Flavor Revealed

If you haven’t heard yet, our 2013 Mystery Flavor has been revealed to be Orange & Cream! This nostalgic flavor features an all-natural orange puree with a fresh, creamy citrus flavor. You can enjoy this new favorite Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local Graeter’s location or by ordering from our online store.

Try our mystery flavor today!

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Graeter’s Handcrafted Ice Cream Has Been Nominated for a Munchie!

Graeter’s has been nominated for a Munchie! “What’s a Munchie?” you might ask. A Munchie is the People’s Choice Food Awards that recognize the most amazing tastes, faces and places in the food world. Nominees are chosen by a panel of culinary celebs, led by TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern.

Vote for your favorite irrestible handcrafted ice cream!

Vote for Graeter's Ice Cream!

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Newly Weds Celebrate With Gourmet Ice Cream

Just got married? Why not celebrate with a scoop of your favorite Graeter’s gourmet ice cream or share your first milkshake together? That’s what these two newly married couples thought. Both made a point of having there photographer take pictures of them at their local Graeter’s.

We’re so honored that they made Graeter’s part of one of the most important days of their lives.

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Graeter’s Does A Graet Harlem Shake

If you thought all we did at Graeter’s was serve our irresistible gourmet ice cream and amazing milkshakes you’d be wrong. Recently, one of our locations decided to do a “Graet” Harlem Shake video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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