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Ice Cream Stories – Ice Cream Fans Review Their Experiences With Graeter’s Ice Cream

Let us know about your experience with Graeter's Handcrafted Ice Cream.

Recently we had a number of fans and first time visitors comment on their experience with Graeter’s. We loved these reviews so much we just had to share them!

Best Ice Cream EVER!

I am a Cincinnati native and if you travel to Cincinnati and don't eat at Grater's you are missing the whole Cincinnati experience! They have the creamiest, most delicious ice cream ever. It is quite expensive, but it worth every spoonful. The best flavors are strawberry and of course, black raspberry chip!  ~BeatlesFan33

Best Ice Cream known to Man

We finally have a Graeter's in Lexington and it did not disappoint. My wife luvs the chocolate chocolate chip and I cannot resist the mocha chocolate chip. A cone with 2 scoops runs about $5, but you get some of the best Ice Cream around. ~BartBLexington

As good as ice cream gets!

Wife and I stopped by here on a rec during our day trip in Cincy. Al I can say is MAKE TIME TO GO HERE!

Wife had Toffee Chip and I had the black raspberry chip. Both were chock full of delicious huge chips and awesome sweet, but not overly sweet ice cream. 

An absolute must while in Cincy. ~ BCMike22

Wins my approval!

My first experience at Graeter's, Graeter's I loved it! I tried the cookie dough chip - just how cookie dough ice cream should be. The Buckeye Blitz - which had the best chunks of chocolate and scrumptious peanut butter in chocolate ice cream. Also I sampled the Black Cherry Chip, which had so much flavor and was so refreshing.

Great value and definitely worth a visit ~ Sarah M

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2013 Mystery Ice Cream Flavor Revealed

If you haven’t heard yet, our 2013 Mystery Flavor has been revealed to be Orange & Cream! This nostalgic flavor features an all-natural orange puree with a fresh, creamy citrus flavor. You can enjoy this new favorite Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local Graeter’s location or by ordering from our online store.

Try our mystery flavor today!

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Graeter’s Handcrafted Ice Cream Has Been Nominated for a Munchie!

Graeter’s has been nominated for a Munchie! “What’s a Munchie?” you might ask. A Munchie is the People’s Choice Food Awards that recognize the most amazing tastes, faces and places in the food world. Nominees are chosen by a panel of culinary celebs, led by TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern.

Vote for your favorite irrestible handcrafted ice cream!

Vote for Graeter's Ice Cream!

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Newly Weds Celebrate With Gourmet Ice Cream

Just got married? Why not celebrate with a scoop of your favorite Graeter’s gourmet ice cream or share your first milkshake together? That’s what these two newly married couples thought. Both made a point of having there photographer take pictures of them at their local Graeter’s.

We’re so honored that they made Graeter’s part of one of the most important days of their lives.

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Graeter’s Does A Graet Harlem Shake

If you thought all we did at Graeter’s was serve our irresistible gourmet ice cream and amazing milkshakes you’d be wrong. Recently, one of our locations decided to do a “Graet” Harlem Shake video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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Behind Those Delicious Dark Chocolate Chips

The huge dark chocolate chips found in many Graeter's ice cream flavors are loved by expert chefs and foodies around the world. We regularly get pictures of giant chips on our Facebook page like these:

How excited would you be to see this in your ice cream cone? How would you go about attacking a chip this big in your ice cream? Have you ever seen a dark chocolate chip this big? Sadly some of our customers think that a dark chocolate chip this big is a mistake when they find it in their pint of gourmet ice cream.

Have you ever wondered where our famous dark chocolate chips come from?

As with all our ingredients, only those with the highest quality make it into our gourmet ice cream. When it comes to chocolate we use chocolate from the oldest milk chocolate maker in the world, Peter’s Chocolate.

Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in 1875, only five years after Graeter’s was founded! Today, Peter’s Chocolate is used not only in our dark chocolate chips but also in much of our chocolate gourmet candy.

To learn more about Peter’s Chocolate visit their website.

You can find Peter’s chocolate in any of our chocolate chip ice creams at either your neighborhood Graeter’s location or our online store for your next ice cream social!

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A Graeter’s Fan Raises High Praise For His Hometown Ice Cream

Recently, we heard from Robert in Atlanta on how he rediscovered his favorite gourmet ice cream from childhood, while on the road for a business trip. Our expansion efforts around the country sure are making Graeter's fans around the country quite happy. Hear his story in his own words below about how Robert found proof of Graeter's highest commitment to quality, and how a pint of Graeter's can weigh as much as an entire pound!

“True story: I grew up in Louisville, and Graeter's was just my hometown ice cream. It wasn't until I moved away, and then came back to Louisville and had Graeter's again after an extended period did I realize how FREAKING AMAZING your ice cream is.

Bittersweet though as my life had led and settled me in Atlanta. This meant Graeter's was my rarest of delicacies, only obtainable in Louisville or Cincinnati. Grrrr.

Then we found it on a work trip in Houston, Texas! PRAISE GOD!! Even purchased an entire box of plastic spoons just so we could sit in the car, in the parking lot of the Kroger and get the most awesome foodie fix of my life.

We then started ordering online. Brilliant! Then the glorious day came when you were available at a few local Kroger's, then MANY Kroger's!! Life is complete.

Which leads me to yesterday, shopping. I picked up a pint of toffee for me, and a pint of another brand for my partner. (Don't hate me. He likes those ice creams that taste like blueberry muffins and such.) Having both pints in my hands, I made a discovery.

I've told myself your slightly higher price meant just better quality. Here, in my hands I now have proof!! Your pint was WAY heavier in my hand; so much so that I stopped and compared both cartons to be sure they were both a pint. Indeed!!!

You keep doing what you're doing, don't change a thing and you have at least one guaranteed customer for the rest of his life.”


Find Graeter’s gourmet ice cream at a fine grocery store near you or if you can’t find Graeter’s where you live you can order online and send some pints today!

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"With Our Best" blogger says Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip is worth screaming for!

Black Berry Chocolate Chip

Check out this cool review about Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, courtesy of the "With Our Best" blog! Before her first-ever taste of Graeter's, Karissa had her doubts about Graeter's being the world's best ice cream, but we think we removed that doubt pretty quick. Even her husband said Graeter’s was “the best ice cream I’ve ever had” as many have told us on our Graeter's Ice Cream Facebook page.

Here are a couple excerpts and a photo from Karissa

“Wow. Incredible. Indulgent. Delicious. The creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tried. My husband, who does exaggerate sometimes, was not exaggerating this time. His statement was an undeniable fact. This new, creamy, natural flavor passes the test!

"Graeter’s ice cream is making 2013 a little sweeter with the addition of its newest flavor, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. The new flavor is NOW available  for purchase online at – added a few days ago – and will be hitting grocery stores this spring. The first new Graeter’s flavor in 3 years, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, is all-natural black cherry ice cream made with heavy cream, pure cane sugar and loaded with fresh black cherries and Graeter’s signature dark chocolate chunks."

You can find the entire review at With Our Best’s blog.


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Introducing Our Newest Gourmet Ice Cream Flavor…

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream

Pair our signature gourmet dark chocolate chips with juicy, sweet dark cherries from the Pacific Northwest in naturally flavored cherry ice cream and what do you get? The delicious and luxurious flavor of our Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

If you’re a fan of cherries and chocolate then this is sure to become your newest Graeter’s favorite.

You can find Black Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

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Cherry Chocolate Chip is Here!

It’s what gourmet ice cream fans have been waiting to hear. Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

Cherry Chocolate Chip features juicy maraschino cherries in our delicious cherry ice cream with chunks of our famous dark chocolate.

Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

You can find Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

Hear what some Graeter’s fans have to say about it already!

“The greatest Graeter's ice cream flavor! Mint chocolate chip comes in second!” – Tom

“This is my all-time favorite flavor you offer. I am sad when it goes away each year. Yum!” – Keri

“Yum! All my favorites in one place.” - Traci

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Ice Cream Stories – Fanbassador Celebrate The Holidays In Style

Over the holiday season we had a number of fanbassadors finish out 2012 with one more ice cream social party. As always we appreciate our many fanbassadors spreading the word about Graeter’s gourmet ice cream across the nation. Here’s a couple of pictures fanbassadors hard at work:

An Oregon Fanbassador getting ready.

“Life doesn’t get any sweeter!”

Fanabassador spreading the word about Graeter's gourmet ice cream in Oregon.

Fanbassador hard at work “spreading the word in Oregon!”

One Graeter's Fanbassador part participant who really enjoys her gourmet ice cream.

One participant at a Fanbassador party in California who really enjoyed her bowl of Graeter’s ice cream.

What's better than friends and Graeter's gourmet ice cream?

A Fanbassador in Arizona sharing her perfect combination Chocolate Mocha Chip, Black Raspberry Chip Graeter’s ice cream and friends!

Have pictures or stories of your own good times with Graeter’s Ice Cream? Share it with us!

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Ice Cream Stories - Graeter’s Fans Speak Out Over the Holidays

Tell Us Your Thoughts About Graeter's!

We love seeing comments and reviews from our fans, so we were thrilled to find that so many of you posted reviews about your experience with Graeter’s over the holidays that we just had to share a few.

“Graeter's is always a special treat for our family when visiting the Cincinnati area. It is known by friends in Arlington, VA. Love their chocolate chip of all varieties!”

“Of course I love the ice cream but they have great pastries also. I think their smiley cookies are far superior to the other large bakery in town. Nice Danishes and really good cakes. They pretty much have the sweet tooth angle covered here.”

“Everything about Graeter's first-rate...their ice cream flavors, their chocolate chip size, their pastries, their customer service and the overall Graeter's vibe.”

Let us know about your Graeter’s experience. So whether it's with our fresh baked goods, old fashioned ice cream or gourmet candy post your thoughts on your blog, at travel review sites or our Facebook page! Who knows? You could be featured in one of our next posts!

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Graeter’s Fans Express Their Love For Ice Cream Through Art

Graeter’s Fans Express Their Love For Ice Cream Through Art

Periodically we get sent artwork from various fans that are both talented and absolutely love Graeter’s ice cream. After looking over many of these amazing submissions we pulled together a couple of our recent favorites to share with you all.

An Irresistible oil painting by Linda McCoy for “Secret Artworks” event in Cincinnati. See more of her work at

Not only do dragons love ice cream, they can’t seem to get enough of it. - A color cartoon by Harptoons Publishing (

If you’re an artist that loves Graeter’s don’t be shy to share us pictures of your Graeter’s inspired works on our Facebook page. Who knows? Your art might be featured in a future post.

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Ice Cream Do-It-Yourselfer Turns To Graeter’s for the Holidays

Ice Cream Do-It-Yourselfer Turns To Graeter’s for the Holidays

Graeter's Irresistible Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

Even those who make their own ice cream have been turning to Graeter’s because of the quality that goes into every pint of our irresistible ice cream. Recently, we came across an article written by Susan Ellis of the Memphis Flyer about her thoughts on a sample of our Peppermint Stick Ice Cream that we sent her recently.

Interestingly enough, Susan often makes peppermint ice cream on her own with her family at Christmas. As part of her article she compares Graeter’s to her family’s recipe noting that “Graeter’s ice cream and my family’s version taste the same to me, and I am one to lean toward convenience above all. Plus, Graeter’s ice cream includes cute chunks of peppermint stick.”

So if you’re looking for great tasting ice cream, then look for Grateer’s ice cream at a grocery store near you.

You can read the full article here and as always we love to hear about your personal experience with Graeter’s irresistible ice cream!

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Graeter’s Toffee Chocolate Chip Receives Marks From Online Reviewer

Graeter’s Toffee Chocolate Chip Receives Marks From Online Reviewer

From time to time we get news of online reviewers who have tried out Graeter’s irresistible ice cream and post their review. Few however, have been in depth as the one as The Ice Cream Informant’s one on our Toffee Chocolate Chip.

“Their base vanilla ice cream is just hard to beat. With a minuscule amount of air inside, the denseness is part of the experience. The time it takes for this to melt down allows the consumer to fully appreciate the final product when using the small batch, French pot process. The result is one of the smoothest ice cream experiences in existence. Even if you don't typically enjoy vanilla ice cream, it's hard not to appreciate this simple concept executed with such precision.”

To read the entire review click here.