Ice Cream Pints

We’ve Changed Our Packaging!

Have you noticed? We’ve recently changed our look. Our new packaging for our classic small-batch handcrafted ice cream is now similar to that of our gelato and lighter “A Little Less Indulgent” ice cream flavors.

Learn more about how the new packaging came about in this article from the Cincinnati Business Courier.

To find a pint of your favorite ice cream or gelato flavor (like Black Raspberry Chip!) near you check out our store locator. You can also find Graeter’s using our grocery store locator or simply order online.

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Enjoy Ice Cream Without Guilt With Our Less Indulgent Flavors

Try a scoop of our A Little Less Indulgent Ice Cream. It contains 50% less sugar and roughly 25% less fat and 25% fewer calories, however, it’s still made by hand in 2½ -gallon French pots, one batch at a time. As always we use only the finest ingredients because even if it is with a touch of temperance, everyone deserves to indulge now and then. Try our Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean flavors.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted Less Indulgent ice cream flavor, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Enjoy Amazingly Irresistible Gelatos From Graeter’s


Try the most authentically made gelato in North America, Graeter’s Gelato. Like all Graeter’s Ice Cream, Graeter’s Gelato is made by hand one 2 ½-gallon batch at a time. All done in a slowly spinning chilled pot, which, just like the vintage gelato-making machines of Italy. These spinning pots produces a gelato filled with flavor – not air. As always, we use nothing but quality, natural ingredients, like our unearthly truffles, sourced from a family-run confectioner.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Graeter’s Gelato Flavor Scores Big With The Ice Cream Informant

Our new handcrafted gelato flavors are getting rave reviews! Recently, Bob of the Ice Cream Informant reviewed our Caramel Truffle Gelato and gave it an “A” rating in his post.

Bob wrote that the overall taste for the base “is very unique and very good for a gelato” with an “overall richness/creaminess [that] shines for a caramel flavor”. What probably put him over the top though was the truffles. “The truffles are as expected; absolutely divine in taste, melt in your mouth, and are packed with a great chocolate taste. If you know Graeter's, they do not short change you when it comes to mix-ins or the size of the mix-ins. The truffles are complete truffles, not shavings or halved truffles, but nearly you are getting one or two truffles in every single spoonful you take from the pint.”

Read more in his post here.

To get your hands on your own pint of your favorite handcrafted gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!


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Experience A Childhood Favorite With This Handcrafted Seasonal Flavor

Cool off from the warming temperatures this spring with the taste of our seasonal flavor - Orange and Cream. This nostalgic flavor features an all-natural orange puree with a fresh, creamy citrus flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite orange creamsicle.

To get your hands on your own pint of Orange & Cream ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Returns For The Spring

Enjoy a taste of Spring with Graeter’s handcrafted Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream. This delicious ice cream flavor features rich, creamy strawberry ice cream along with hand-selected Oregon Totem Strawberries, plus our famous strawberry-sized dark chocolate chips. Try a scoop or pint of your own today and enjoy pure bliss.

To get your hands on your own pint of Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Enjoy Some Sweet Relief From Tax Day

Get a little relief this tax season with a sweet Tax Day deal for all our Sweet Rewards members. On April 15th get a free pint* of your favorite handcrafted ice cream flavor with any purchase of $15 or more.

To get your hands on your own pint of Orange & Cream ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

*Supplies limited. Not valid with any other offer. Limited to one per Sweet Rewards member. Retail store purchases on 4/15/2014 only.

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John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi Unite over Graeter’s

Food is a universal language that needs little translation. Perhaps that’s why John Boehner reached across the aisle and sent Nancy Pelosi a treat in the form of pints of Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream and gelato for her 74th birthday.

The former Speaker of the House thanked her successor for the “delicious taste” from his district and shared a picture via Instagram.
















"Great to see speaker Boehner sharing the love of Graeter's" wrote Chip Graeter, Chief of Retail Operations, in an email to the Enquirer. "Also nice to see them getting along and having some fun with it!"

To get your hands on a pint of your favorite handcrafted ice cream or gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store

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Treat Your Valentine To Something Sweet This Weekend

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Graeter's Ice Cream

Avoid the last minute scrambling and send your Valentine the treat of Graeter’s ice cream or candy! This is the perfect gift whether your sweetheart is across the country or down the street. Choose from a wide assortment of the world’s most irresistible craft ice cream, our new Gelato or A Little Less Indulgent ice cream.

Or send the creamiest, fruitiest and nuttiest chocolates and confections - all with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. A tempting selection of handmade chocolates in both milk and dark varieties; enough for the most deserving chocolate lover.

Send them hand made chocolates and confections.

You can find our Gelato and Little Less Indulgent, other irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavors as well as our chocolates and confections at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

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Have You Visited Our New "Handcrafted" Website Yet?

Heard the news? There's a new website in town. takes the best our previous website had to offer and now we've made it even better. Here are a few of the upgrades we've made:

- Just like our French Pot ice cream is so special, we’ve built our new website to be special too, by making it simple to read and navigate.

- Read about our long history of making the world’s best ice cream, now totaling more than 140 years and counting. And check out our vintage ice cream scoops!

- You can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our irresistible handcrafted flavors, whether they be our Classic, Signature Chip, Limited Edition, Seasonal or Sorbet delights. 

- Watch a few new videos about the artisans and their special ingredients that bring your ice cream dreams to life. 

- Easily find Graeter’s stores to enjoy our ice cream with your family, plus take home a pint or two, some of our tasty bakery goods* or a complete collection of decadent chocolate candies. *not available at all stores.

- No Graeter’s in your neighborhood? That’s ok, because now you can easily find a grocery store near you that sells Graeter’s ice cream. If we’re not at your local store, please ask your grocery manager to stock your favorite flavors.

- Want to share your love for Graeter’s famous flavors, including everybody’s favorite Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip flavor?  Head to our Online Store to create gift pack of ice cream. We’ll ship your order – no matter how big or small - with dry ice to help keep our fresh flavors and creamy texture locked in. You can also buy candy good enough to be part of Graeter’s impeccable reputation for quality, plus buy cool Graeter’s stuff and easy to give Graeter’s gift certificates and cards with just a few clicks.

- We’ve made it even simpler to sign up for our local Sweet Rewards program. It pays to have great taste, especially when you can earn points towards FREE Graeter’s ice cream and other tasty stuff at our retail stores.

We cordially invite you to visit us online at, and check back on our blog now and then to see what's going on. New flavors, special deals, fun facts and more are waiting for you.

- Have a facebook account? Go LIKE us and keep tabs with our news on your timeline, or follow and tweet us  on Twitter (@graeters). Spread the love with everybody you know, we hope to see you soon!

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Our Process Makes All The Difference


One of the main things that makes Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream so unique is the French Pot Process. It’s the same way that our founder, Louis Charles Graeter, made ice cream in the late 1800’s.

So What Does The Process Look Like?

We start with the finest ingredients, mixed all together and pasteurized to develop the best possible flavor profiles. What happens next is what truly makes Graeter’s so special.

We take our creamy mixture, pour it into 2-gallon French Pot freezers and hand-swirl each batch until it’s slowly frozen without whipping in air. This is what gives Graeter’s ice cream it’s creamy texture. Once the batch is frozen, we hand-pack each pint before shipping it out to your local Graeter’s, local grocery store, or directly to your home address.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, check out this animation explaining our process.

Or view a real tour of our process.


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Ice Cream Informant Reader Recommends Graeter's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Flavor

Handcrafted Ice Cream and Mix-Ins Gets High Marks From Reviewer

Irresistible Handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Full Of Chocolate Chunks And Cookie Dough


We always enjoy hearing what reviewers have to say about our handcrafted ice cream and recently a reader from one of our favorite review sites, The Ice Cream Informant, reviewed our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip.

The reviewer (Bob) writes about our delicious French Pot vanilla ice cream base, but focuses on what he loves most: the delicious mix-ins that we add to our ice cream, like our famous dark chocolate chips. Bob says our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip “does nothing but deliver,” and we think he’s right.

His overall impression of this flavor is so high, he gives us his own “A” rating. “It tastes like you wrapped some fresh cookie dough right into a small circle and threw it right into the fold. From top to bottom, you are getting mix-in heaven.” Thanks Bob! Read the rest of his review here.

To get your own pint of our handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip ice cream flavor stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store


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We pack every ice cream pint by hand

Ever wonder who makes your favorite irresistible handcrafted ice cream? Meet Bud, one of our longest tenured ice cream artisans. He has been handcrafting irresistible ice cream for over 20 years!



To get your own pint of our handcrafted ice cream stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store
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Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Dubbed “Summer In A Pint.”

An Irresistible Scoop Of Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Our Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream is still getting rave reviews from across the states. Recently our first new flavor in three years was reviewed by the Boca Raton Observer Magazine in Boca Raton, FL. According to their reviewers,

“this stuff is like summer in a pint container. The all-natural dessert is made with heavy cream and pure cane sugar, which is churned in a French pot two gallons at a time before being loaded with fresh black cherries and the brand’s signature dark-chocolate chunks.”

Even their resident Black Cherry lover approved of Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip handcrafted ice cream saying, “The balance of flavors was perfect. The Black Cherry was dominant, while the chocolate was a great partner.”

They loved the ice cream so much that on a scale of 1 to 10 they gave it a 11.

Looking for your way to cool off this summer? Then look for our irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavor at your local grocery store or buy from our online store.

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Huffington Post Declares Graeter’s Summer Peach A Top Summer Ice Cream Flavor

Summer Peach, An Irresistible Way To Start Off The Summer

Recently, the Huffington Post reviewed 45 different flavors of ice cream to find their top 10 picks for this summer. Not surprisingly our irresistible Summer Peach made it on the list.

“Tastes like real peaches, not peach-flavoring. The texture is perfectly creamy. Tastes like summer." "So summery. And spot on peach flavor. Amazing!" "The most realistic peach ice cream I've ever had."
To get your own pint of our handcrafted Summer peach ice cream flavor stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store.

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A Graeter’s Fan Raises High Praise For His Hometown Ice Cream

Recently, we heard from Robert in Atlanta on how he rediscovered his favorite gourmet ice cream from childhood, while on the road for a business trip. Our expansion efforts around the country sure are making Graeter's fans around the country quite happy. Hear his story in his own words below about how Robert found proof of Graeter's highest commitment to quality, and how a pint of Graeter's can weigh as much as an entire pound!

“True story: I grew up in Louisville, and Graeter's was just my hometown ice cream. It wasn't until I moved away, and then came back to Louisville and had Graeter's again after an extended period did I realize how FREAKING AMAZING your ice cream is.

Bittersweet though as my life had led and settled me in Atlanta. This meant Graeter's was my rarest of delicacies, only obtainable in Louisville or Cincinnati. Grrrr.

Then we found it on a work trip in Houston, Texas! PRAISE GOD!! Even purchased an entire box of plastic spoons just so we could sit in the car, in the parking lot of the Kroger and get the most awesome foodie fix of my life.

We then started ordering online. Brilliant! Then the glorious day came when you were available at a few local Kroger's, then MANY Kroger's!! Life is complete.

Which leads me to yesterday, shopping. I picked up a pint of toffee for me, and a pint of another brand for my partner. (Don't hate me. He likes those ice creams that taste like blueberry muffins and such.) Having both pints in my hands, I made a discovery.

I've told myself your slightly higher price meant just better quality. Here, in my hands I now have proof!! Your pint was WAY heavier in my hand; so much so that I stopped and compared both cartons to be sure they were both a pint. Indeed!!!

You keep doing what you're doing, don't change a thing and you have at least one guaranteed customer for the rest of his life.”


Find Graeter’s gourmet ice cream at a fine grocery store near you or if you can’t find Graeter’s where you live you can order online and send some pints today!

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Introducing Our Newest Gourmet Ice Cream Flavor…

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream

Pair our signature gourmet dark chocolate chips with juicy, sweet dark cherries from the Pacific Northwest in naturally flavored cherry ice cream and what do you get? The delicious and luxurious flavor of our Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

If you’re a fan of cherries and chocolate then this is sure to become your newest Graeter’s favorite.

You can find Black Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

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Cherry Chocolate Chip is Here!

It’s what gourmet ice cream fans have been waiting to hear. Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

Cherry Chocolate Chip features juicy maraschino cherries in our delicious cherry ice cream with chunks of our famous dark chocolate.

Cherry Chocolate Chip is back!

You can find Cherry Chocolate Chip and our other irresistible French pot ice cream flavors at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!

Hear what some Graeter’s fans have to say about it already!

“The greatest Graeter's ice cream flavor! Mint chocolate chip comes in second!” – Tom

“This is my all-time favorite flavor you offer. I am sad when it goes away each year. Yum!” – Keri

“Yum! All my favorites in one place.” - Traci

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Ice Cream Do-It-Yourselfer Turns To Graeter’s for the Holidays

Ice Cream Do-It-Yourselfer Turns To Graeter’s for the Holidays

Graeter's Irresistible Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

Even those who make their own ice cream have been turning to Graeter’s because of the quality that goes into every pint of our irresistible ice cream. Recently, we came across an article written by Susan Ellis of the Memphis Flyer about her thoughts on a sample of our Peppermint Stick Ice Cream that we sent her recently.

Interestingly enough, Susan often makes peppermint ice cream on her own with her family at Christmas. As part of her article she compares Graeter’s to her family’s recipe noting that “Graeter’s ice cream and my family’s version taste the same to me, and I am one to lean toward convenience above all. Plus, Graeter’s ice cream includes cute chunks of peppermint stick.”

So if you’re looking for great tasting ice cream, then look for Grateer’s ice cream at a grocery store near you.

You can read the full article here and as always we love to hear about your personal experience with Graeter’s irresistible ice cream!

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Graeter's Ice Cream is Now Available in Giant Eagle Stores!

Did you know that Graeter's Ice Creat is available at all Giant Eagle stores including Pittsburgh, Erie and Cleveland? Find a store near you in the list below and then stop by to pick up a pint today. Help spread the word by telling your friends and family!

Looking for Graeter's near you? Visit

  • 3113 Green Garden Road, Aliquippa, PA, 15001
  • 1600 West State Street, Baden, PA, 15005
  • 648 Third Street, Beaver, PA, 15009
  • 2650 Constitution Boulevard, Beaver Falls, PA, 15010
  • 300 Tri County Plaza, Belle Vernon, PA, 15012
  • 1025 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA, 15017
  • 800 McKeesport Rd, Elizabeth, PA, 15037
  • 2500 Lovi Road, New Sewickley, PA, 15042
  • 5600 William Flynn Highway, Gibsonia, PA, 15044
  • 200 Station Street, McDonald, PA, 15057
  • 1300 Country Club Road, Monongahela, PA, 15063
  • 1710 Pacific Avenue, Natrona Heights, PA, 15065
  • 200 Tarentum Bridge Road, New Kensington, PA, 15068
  • 2201 Freeport Road, New Kensington, PA, 15068
  • 3220 Leechburg Road, Lower Burrel, PA, 15068
  • 111 West Madison Street, Rochester, PA, 15074
  • 105 Robertson Street, West Newton, PA,  15089
  • 155 Towne Centre Drive, Wexford, PA, 15090
  • 1701 Duncan Avenue, Allison Park, PA, 15101
  • 5055 Library Road Suite 5, Bethel Park, PA, 15102
  • 5990 University Blvd, Coraopolis, PA, 15108
  • 1671 Butler Plank Road, Glenshaw, PA, 15116
  • 420 East Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA, 15120
  • 1356 Hoffman Boulevard, West Mifflin, PA, 15122
  • 920 Irwin Road, West Mifflin, PA, 15122
  • 9901 Mountainview Drive, West Mifflin, PA, 15122
  • 2001 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA, 15131
  • 3812 O'Neil Boulevard, McKeesport, PA,  15132
  • 1800 McKees Rocks Road, McKees Rocks, PA, 15136
  • 1701 Lincoln Highway, North Versailles, PA, 15137
  • 4010 Monroeville Boulevard, Monroeville, PA, 15146
  • 4680 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA, 15146
  • 1117 Milltown Road, Verona, PA, 15147
  • 200 Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, PA, 15147
  • 2021 Wharton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203
  • 100 Settlers Ridge Center Dr., Pittsburgh, PA, 15205
  • 51 Walsh Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15205
  • 6320 Shakespeare Street, Pittsburgh, PA    , 15206
  • 517 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15207
  • 318-320 Cedar Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
  • 4110 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
  • 1901 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15217
  • 4250 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15217
  • 1705 South Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15218
  • 1165 McKinney Lane, Pittsburgh, PA, 15220
  • 1717 Cochran Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15220
  • 254 Yost Boulevard-Braddock, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221
  • 600 Towne Square Way, Pittsburgh, PA, 15227
  • 1029 West View Park Drive, West View, PA, 15229
  • 5550 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15232
  • 230 Rodi Road ,Pittsburgh, PA, 15235
  • 9001 Frankstown Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15235
  • 5260 Grove Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15236
  • 132 Ben Avon Heights Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
  • 8080 McIntyre Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
  • 9805 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
  • 111 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15238
  • 2611 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15238
  • 910 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15238
  • 331 Washington Road, Washington, PA, 15301
  • 155 Wilson Road, Bentleyville, PA, 15314
  • 4007 Washington Road, McMurray, PA, 15317
  • 3701 Route 88, Finleyville ,PA, 15332
  • 999 North Eighty Eight Road, Rices Landing, PA, 15357
  • 100 Sugar Run Road, Waynesburg, PA, 15370
  • 581 Pittsburgh Road, Uniontown, PA, 15401
  • 1606 North Center Avenue, Somerset, PA, 15501
  • 4192 Glades Pike, Somerset, PA    , 15501
  • 510 East Pitt Street, Bedford, PA, 15522
  • 5142 Route 30 Suite 140, Greensburg, PA, 15601
  • 6204 Route 30, Greensburg, PA, 15601
  • 4810 Old William Penn Hwy, Export, PA, 15632
  • 8901 Route 30, North Huntingdon, PA, 15642
  • 2000 Penny Lane Drive, Jeannette, PA, 15644
  • 1050 Mt. Laurel Plaza, Latrobe, PA, 15650
  • 41 Towne Center Drive, Leechburg, PA, 15656
  • 117 South Walnut Street, Ligonier, PA, 15658
  • 475 Ben Franklin Rd S, Indiana, PA, 15701
  • 680 Locust  St, Indiana, PA, 15701
  • 7 Cottonwood Street, North Cambria, PA, 15714
  • 100 N Main Street, DuBois, PA, 15801
  • 40 White Street    Brookville, PA, 15825
  • 846 South Saint Marys Street, St. Mary's,  PA, 15857
  • 1451 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA, 15904
  • 1910 Minno Drive, Johnstown, PA, 15905
  • 344 Goucher Street, Johnstown, PA, 15905
  • 1233-45 Broad Street, Johnstown, PA, 15906
  • 881 College Plaza, Ebensburg, PA, 15931
  • 1521 North Main Street, Butler, PA, 16001
  • 700 Moraine Pointe Plaza, Butler, PA, 16001
  • 206 Seven Fields Blvd, Seven Fields, PA, 16046
  • 100 Buffalo Plaza, Sarver, PA, 16055
  • 223 Grove City Rd., Slippery Rock, PA, 16057
  • 20111 Route 19, Cranberry Township, PA, 16066
  • 1700 New Butler Road, New Castle, PA, 16101
  • 2798 New Butler Road, New Castle, PA, 16101
  • 3230 Wilmington Road, New Castle, PA, 16105
  • 234 Pittsburgh Circle, Ellwood City, PA, 16117
  • 289 State Route 288, Ellwood City, PA, 16117
  • 827 Sharon - New Castle Road, Farrell, PA, 16121
  • 50 Hadley Road    Greenville, PA, 16125
  • 531 Mercer Greenville Road, Mercer, PA, 16137
  • 2365 East State Street, Hermitage, PA, 16148
  • 602 East 2nd Street, Oil City, PA, 16301
  • 541 Allegheny Boulevard, Franklin, PA, 16323
  • 18511 Smock Highway, Meadville, PA, 16335
  • 110 S Martin Street, Titusville, PA, 16354
  • 606 Erie Street, Edinboro, PA, 16412
  • 9125 West Ridge Road, Girard, PA, 16417
  • 1022 West Erie Plaza, Erie, PA, 16505
  • 2501 West 12th Street, Erie, PA, 16505
  • 2877 West 26th Street, Erie, PA, 16506
  • 7200 Peach Street, Erie, PA, 16509
  • 1338 E Grandview Blvd, Erie, PA, 16510
  • 4500 Buffalo Road, Erie, PA, 16510
  • 181 Sophira Lane, Altoona, PA, 16602
  • 510 S Route 36, Roaring Spring, PA, 16673
  • 1275 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD    , 21702
  • 1305 West 7th Street, Frederick    , MD, 21702
  • 12595 Ohio River Blvd., Chesterland, WV, 26034
  • 4500 University Town Center, Morgantown, WV, 26501
  • 130 Greenbag Road, Morgantown, WV, 26505
  • 6700 Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin, OH, 43017
  • 1760 Hilliard-Rome Road, Hilliard, OH, 43026
  • 6700 Hayden Run Road, Hilliard, OH, 43026
  • 55 Meadow Park Ave, Lewis Center, OH, 43035
  • 5461 New Albany Road West, New Albany, OH, 43054
  • 553 Hebron Road, Newark, OH, 43056
  • 4000 West Powell Road, Powell, OH, 43065
  • 6300 E Livingston Avenue, Reynoldsburg, OH, 43068
  • 650 North State Street, Westerville, OH, 43082
  • 2173 Stringtown Road, Grove City, OH, 43123
  • 3841 S. Hamilton Road, Groveport, OH, 43125
  • 1394 Ety Shops Way, Lancaster, OH, 43130
  • 873 Refugee Road, Pickerington, OH, 43147
  • 2801 N. High Street, Columbus, OH, 43202
  • 280 E. Whittier Street, Columbus, OH, 43206
  • 1451 W. Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43212
  • 6867 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH, 43213
  • 777 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43215
  • 2900 Stelzer Road, Columbus, OH, 43219
  • 4747 Sawmill Road, Columbus, OH, 43220
  • 3061 Kingsdale Center, Columbus, OH, 43221
  • 4780 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH, 43228
  • 1000 East Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus, OH, 43229
  • 1250 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH, 43230
  • 9880 Olde US 20, Rossford, OH, 43460
  • 6930 West Central Ave, Toledo, OH, 43617
  • 15937 State Route 170, East Liverpool, OH, 43920
  • 1615 Pennsylvania Annex, East Liverpool, OH, 43920
  • 619 Bradshaw Avenue, East Liverpool, OH, 43920
  • 2201 Kresge Drive, Amherst, OH, 44001
  • 97 Public Square, Andover, OH, 44003
  • 2390 Prospect Avenue, Ashtabula, OH, 44004
  • 31990 Walker Road, Avon Lake, OH, 44012
  • 50 West Bridge Street, Berea, OH, 44017
  • 20 Shopping Plaza, Chagrin Falls, OH, 44022
  • 8515 Tanglewood Square, Bainbridge, OH, 44023
  • 351 Center Street, Chardon, OH, 44024
  • 12692 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, OH, 44026
  • 281 Main Street    , Conneaut, OH, 44030
  • 320 Market Drive, Elyria, OH, 44035
  • 34325 Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville, OH, 44039
  • 755 South Broadway Avenue, Geneva, OH, 44041
  • 43 East Jefferson Street, Jefferson, OH, 44047
  • 5231 Detroit Road, Sheffield Lake, OH, 44054
  • 6556 North Ridge Road, North Madison, OH, 44057
  • 6079 Andrew Road, Mentor On The Lake, OH, 44060
  • 7294 Lakeshore Blvd, Mentor, OH, 44060
  • 7960 Plaza Boulevard, Mentor, OH, 44060
  • 15400 West High Street, Middlefield, OH, 44062
  • 10211 Northfield Road, Northfield Village, OH, 44067
  • 290 East Aurora Road, Northfield Center, OH, 44067
  • 27264 Lorain Road, North Olmsted, OH, 44070
  • 23 West College Street, Oberlin, OH, 44074
  • 1201 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, OH, 44077
  • 8960 Darrow Road, Twinsburg, OH, 44087
  • 4453 Liberty Avenue, Vermilion, OH, 44089
  • 27505 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills, OH, 44092
  • 36475 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, OH, 44094
  • 30320 Lakeshore Boulevard, Willowick, OH, 44095
  • 34700 Vine St, Eastlake, OH, 44095
  • 3565 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH    , 44102
  • 7602 Madison Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44102
  • 7973 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44103
  • 11501 Buckeye Rd., Cleveland, OH, 44104
  • 2500 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH, 44104
  • 7422 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44105
  • 12438 Cedar Road, Cleveland, OH, 44106
  • 14100 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH, 44107
  • 1010 E. 152nd Street, Cleveland    , OH, 44110
  • 15637 St.Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44110
  • 15900 Lakeshore Blvd, Cleveland, OH, 44110
  • 13820 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland    , OH, 44111
  • 15325 Edgecliff Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44111
  • 3050 W. 117th Street, Cleveland, OH, 44111
  • 1325 Hayden Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44112
  • 13598 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44112
  • 2700 Carroll Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44113
  • 3301 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44114
  • 22160 Center Ridge Road, Rocky River, OH, 44116
  • 1940 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
  • 3628 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
  • 13130 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH, 44120
  • 4401 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH, 44121
  • 24601 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood, OH, 44122
  • 22501 Shore Center Dr., Euclid, OH, 44123
  • 25105 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst, OH, 44124
  • 6259 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights, OH, 44124
  • 4948 Turney Road, Garfield Heights, OH, 44125
  • 5744 Transportation Blvd, Garfield Heights, OH, 44125
  • 21593 Lorain Road, Fairview Park, OH, 44126
  • 16820 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44128
  • 7939 Day Drive, Cleveland, OH, 44129
  • 6869 Southland Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH, 44130
  • 6000 Royalton Road, North Royalton, OH, 44133
  • 1825 Snow Road, Cleveland, OH, 44134
  • 7400 Broadview Road, Parma, OH, 44134
  • 17887 South Park Center, Strongsville, OH, 44136
  • 5321 Warrensville Center Road, Maple Heights, OH, 44137
  • 570 Dunham Road, Maple Heights, OH, 44137
  • 28560 Miles Road, Solon, OH, 44139
  • 34310 Aurora Road, Solon, OH, 44139
  • 7510 Chippewa Road, Brecksville, OH, 44141
  • 7564 Chippewa Road, Brecksville, OH, 44141
  • 14650 Snow Road, Brook Park, OH, 44142
  • 6300 Biddulph Road, Brooklyn, OH, 44144
  • 30275 Detroit Road, Westlake, OH, 44145
  • 5100 Wilson Mills Road, Richmond Heights, OH, 44146
  • 900 Northfield Road, Bedford, OH, 44146
  • 41 5th Street S.E., Barberton, OH, 44203
  • 3440 Center Road, Brunswick, OH, 44212
  • 230 Howe Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44221
  • 75 Graham Road, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44223
  • 1700 Norton Road, Stow, OH, 44224
  • 4300 Kent Road, Stow, OH, 44224
  • 1280 State Route 303, Streetsboro, OH, 44241
  • 870 N. Court , Medina, OH, 44256
  • 832 West Main Street, Ravenna, OH, 44266
  • 909 East Main Street, Ravenna, OH, 44266
  • 4260 State Route 44, Rootstown, OH, 44272
  • 205 West Avenue, Tallmadge, OH, 44278
  • 825 Ambassador Drive, Wadsworth, OH    , 44281
  • 4428 Broadview Road, West Richfield, OH, 44286
  • 9670 Center Street, Windham, OH, 44288
  • 871 East Exchange Street, Akron, OH, 44306
  • 2801 East Waterloo Road, Akron, OH, 44312
  • 484 East Waterloo Road, Akron, OH, 44319
  • 2775 West Market Street, Fairlawn, OH, 44333
  • 3750 W Market Street, Akron, OH, 44333
  • 7229 Warren-Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH, 44403
  • 525 East Main Street, Canfield, OH, 44406
  • 108 West County Line Road, Columbiana, OH, 44408
  • 3623 South Meridan Road, Youngstown, OH, 44408
  • 169 S. High Street, Cortland, OH, 44410
  • 112 South Market Street, East Palestine, OH, 44413
  • 7785 State Route 45, Lisbon, OH, 44432
  • 11045 Main Street, New Middletown, OH, 44442
  • 140 North Main Street, Niles, OH, 44446
  • 48 Vienna Avenue, Niles, OH, 44446
  • 2401 East State Street, Salem, OH, 44460
  • 423 South Lundy Street, Salem, OH, 44460
  • 2061 Elm Road, Warren, OH, 44483
  • 2700 Mahoning Avenue N.W., Warren, OH, 44483
  • 5634 Mahoning Avenue, Warren, OH, 44483
  • 8202 East Market Street, Warren, OH, 44484
  • 2587 Parkman Road, Warren, OH, 44485
  • 4700 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44505
  • 1912 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44509
  • 4121 South Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44512
  • 478 Boardman-Canfield Road, Youngstown, OH, 44512
  • 6315 Market Street, Youngstown, OH, 44512
  • 1135 W. Western Reserve Road, Poland, OH, 44514
  • 1201 Doral Drive, Boardman, OH, 44514
  • 3130 Center Road, Poland, OH, 44514
  • 5220 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44515
  • 1800 West State Street, Alliance, OH, 44601
  • 11031 State Rt. 212 - N.E., Bolivar, OH, 44612
  • 2275 Locust Street, Canal Fulton, OH, 44614
  • 515 Union Avenue, Dover, OH, 44622
  • 907 West Maple Street, Hartville, OH, 44632
  • 108 West Main Street, Louisville, OH, 44641
  • 800 W Main St, Louisville, OH, 44641
  • 2032 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, OH, 44646
  • 1700 Corporate Woods Parkway, Uniontown, OH, 44685
  • 3100 Cromer Avenue N.W., Canton, OH, 44709
  • 608 Raff Road, SW, Canton, OH, 44710
  • 1955 East Maple Street, North Canton, OH, 44720
  • 6493 Strip Avenue N.W., North Canton, OH, 44720
  • 128 Gross Street, Marietta, OH, 45750

Still don't see a store that carries your favorite frozen desserts? Don't worry, Graeter's is expanding rapidly!

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