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Ice Cream Stories - Graeter’s Fans Speak Out Over the Holidays

Tell Us Your Thoughts About Graeter's!

We love seeing comments and reviews from our fans, so we were thrilled to find that so many of you posted reviews about your experience with Graeter’s over the holidays that we just had to share a few.

“Graeter's is always a special treat for our family when visiting the Cincinnati area. It is known by friends in Arlington, VA. Love their chocolate chip of all varieties!”

“Of course I love the ice cream but they have great pastries also. I think their smiley cookies are far superior to the other large bakery in town. Nice Danishes and really good cakes. They pretty much have the sweet tooth angle covered here.”

“Everything about Graeter's first-rate...their ice cream flavors, their chocolate chip size, their pastries, their customer service and the overall Graeter's vibe.”

Let us know about your Graeter’s experience. So whether it's with our fresh baked goods, old fashioned ice cream or gourmet candy post your thoughts on your blog, at travel review sites or our Facebook page! Who knows? You could be featured in one of our next posts!

Comments for Ice Cream Stories - Graeter’s Fans Speak Out Over the Holidays

Name: Susan Davis-Ali
Time: Thursday, January 17, 2013

A week in Cincinnati for Christmas means the chance to have not 1, not 2, but 3 nectar sodas! I had my first one with my Grandfather 40 years ago. Now I share them with my kids. It's great that we can get the icecream now in Minnesota, but you can't ship a nectar soda! Love, a loyal Graeter's fan

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