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Look at the size of this Chocolate Chip!

This chip was found at the Graeter's store in Oakwood! It was so big that the Oakwood Team set it aside for their customers to marvel!

Have you ever found a chocolate chip this big in your Graeter's? Share it with us!

Name: Graeter's Oakwood
City: Dayton
State: Ohio

Comments for Look at the size of this Chocolate Chip!

Name: laura
Time: Friday, October 21, 2011

I remember as a kid sitting as a family at the tables at the Fort Mitchell Location. My brother's and I would enjoy our ice cream, but take breaks to spit out the chocolate chips onto a napkin to see who could get the biggest chip!

We never got one this big. but still it was great fun. My parents excused our poor manners and would occasionaly join in the contest.

Recently my now 32 year old brother saved for me (I'm nearly 28) a chip he got in some mint chocolate chip I ordered him for his birthday. Some sibling contests never die. He spit it out into a zip lock bag and kept it frozen for two weeks till I came to visit. He took it out to brag and show me... he thought I'd be jealous but in the end he was, because when I held it 'to take a closer look' I snatched it right up and ate it.

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